Development needs in the Kelaniya Divisional Secretariat area.


1. The kiribathgoda town is presently developing as main city located close

to the capital  city of Colombo. But there is no main post office in the

city. Hence we urge the necessity of constructing a main post office to

city under the new town development programme.


2. Kiribathgoda hospital is located in a specious land within the town limits.

However, it has less modern facilities compound to other main hospital.

Therefore many people seek medical treatment from Colombo or Ragama

hospitals. It would be a great advantage to the people of the area if

provided modern medical equipment and facilities to the Kiribathgoda

hospital upgrading its present condition.


3.  A major hindrance to the development of the  Kelaniya Divisional

Secretariat area is the constant flooding damaging houses and other

Properties. There are about seven grama niladhari divisions located

within this law level area. So annually we spend a vast amount of money

for recovering damages and to provide conciliatory  facilities  to flood

victims. We hope that it would  be much beneficial to the people living

in the possible flood areas   if  constructed multi-storied domestic

houses under a housing-scheme on acquired  high-land in the area.

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