Our Vision

Being the Best Divisional Secretariat Acquired Satisfaction in Western Province in 2021

Our Mission

Empowering Public Life Style and Providing Services in Accordance to Public Polices through Resource Coordination with Public Participation and Sustainable Planned Development Process in the Kelaniya Division
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Location of the Kelaniya Divisional Secretariat

Kelaniya Divisional Secretariat consists of 30 Gs Division belonging to Kelaniya Pradeshiya sabha 07. The main way to Gampaha District from Colombo District lies across Kelaniya Division. The Kelaniya Division has become an important area as it is the nearest Division to Colombo City, the main commercial hub of Sri Lanka. Therefore the most common features could be seen in this division are industriyalization and urbanization. The Kelani river enriches the area and add more beauty while Kelaniya Rajamaha Viharaya brines a historical value to the area of Kelaniya Division is lower than the sea level which causes frequent flood in rainy seasons.

The main role of the Kelaniya Divisional Secretariat can be catogarized in the following manner.

1. Acting as a close commercial city to Colombo city.

2. Accomadating people working in Colombo and suburb areas.

3. Acting as a spiritual and historical city.

4. Acting as a center of education.


Cultural Background


Kelaniya Duruthu Perahara

The first "Kelaniya Duruthu Perahera" was held on Duruthu Full Moon poya Day in 1925. Usually, this "Perahera" is organized for three days and the perahera of 1st day is called 'Maluwe Perahera' the second one is called "Devana Maluwe Perahera" and 3rd one is called "Maha Maluwe Perahera". This Perahera includes dance of every traditional dancing styles. Here one of the special features of the perahera is that you don't find any women dancers except the 04 women who walk at the very end, by the two sides of the Dolawa. Actually this depicts a historical incident.


Waragoda Bodhiya

The "Bo" tree at Sri Bodhirukkarama Vihara is an important place with a historical value. It is a traditional custom that the 'Devadutha Perahera' of annual Duruthu Perahera of Kelani Viharaya comes to Bodhirukkarama Viharaya to be blessed. This 'Devadutha Perahera' is a small but a complete perahera with every item a perahera should contain. "Devadutha Perahera" comes to the Waragoda Bodhi and in the evening it goes back to the Kelaniya Vihara.

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