1. Issue of tree falling licenses

* Application filled by the applicant in correctly.

* The Certificate of grama niladhari after investigation.

* The copy of deed certified by the grama niladhari

* If a partnership consent of other owner's should be obtained.

* The road map to the tree location land.

* If a house will be built the certified copy of house plan recommended by the pradeshiya saba should be obtained.

* Get approval from the district secretary in cases of more than 03 jak tree.


2. Timber transportation licenses

* License for the tree falling.

* Application filled by the applicant.

* Grama niladari's certificate.

* Rain forest officer's report.


3. Animal transportation licenses

* Report of grama niladhari

* Rs. 50/- of government fee per one animal.


4. Renewal of pawn working licenses annually

* To pay Rs.1000/- of annual license fee and the relevant stamp fee (annual charges may be amended)

* Introduction of a statement confirming the values of the pawned articles in the pawning center.

* Forwarding the annual statement of account of the business.

* Obtaining an insurance against fire and robbery to the value equal to the assess of the business and introduction of a certificate copy of the insurance policy with the original to vary it's correctness.

* If an auction was held taken action in accordance with part 111 and shedule of the pawing statute.

* If no auction was held introduction a letter to that effect.

* Introduction of an affidavit to the effect that he has not taken any action against the law or any illegal action or he has not been convicted for any such offense.


Obtaining a new pawning license outright

* Register under the business registration and handover a copy.

* Request by relevant person.

* Grama niladhari's reports.

* Police report.

* The insurance certificate against fire and robbery for that business.

* Security of rupees one hundred thousand (An account should be opened at the national savings bank in kiribathgoda and the pass book should be submitted.)

* An affidavit.

* A letter about the money invested to the business.

* Rs.25000/- of license fee.

* Annual license fee of Rs.1000/- (May be amended)

* Relevant stamp fee or stamps(now Rs. 100/-)

* In case of sale a statement on article not redeemed in terms of section 26 of the pawning act.

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